الحساب الأخباري الأول في الجبيل للترشح للجائزة في 2017 :
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الرئيسية » Aljubail News » Sahara Management visits Jubail General hospital

Sahara Management visits Jubail General hospital

الجبيل اليوم | الجبيل .


Sahara Petrochemicals Company organized a visit program to Jubail general Hospital on May 10, 2017.


Engr. Saleh M. Bahamdan, CEO, and a number of the company’s executives, led the visit to the hospital. Mr. Adel Al-Shaigi, Acting Director of Jubail General Hospital, along with some of the hospital’s executives, gave a reception to the delegation.


The program included visiting some of the hospital’s in-patients to feel assured of their health, wishing them quick recovery in addition to offering them and their watchers in-kind gifts.


This initiative reflects Sahara’s adherence to its humane commitments and social responsibilities and to enhance the roots of good relations amongst its community members that enrich the noble values of our true religion.

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