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Under the patronage of Prince Saud Bin Nayef, Prince of Asharqiya, 20 winners have received the Sayidaty Award for Excellence and Creativity 2018‏

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, Prince of Asharqiya, and the presence of Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Battal, Undersecretary of the Prince of Asharqia, the Sayidaty Award for Excellence and Creativity ,in its fourth session, honored the Saudi woman again in an event Held in Kempinski Hotel Al Khobar in Asharqiya on Sunday 27/1/2019, with the attendnace of a group of community figures and those who are interested in empowering women and focusing on their issues, especially in light of the renaissance witnessed by Saudi society at the present time and the recent royal decisions supporting women and their careers in line with Vision 2030, to have a more active role and prove a her presence in all fields.

The Undersecretary of the Prince of Asharqia and the Editor-in-Chief of Sayidaty and Arrajol handed the awards for Excellence and Creativity for the winners

Medical and Science: D. Rima Al Bader, Dr. Najla al-Radadi, Hanuf al-Abishi.

Education: Amal Saleh Salba, Dalia El-Tunisi, Dr. Thunwa bint Abdullah Al Matarak Al Omri

Economics and Management: Haifa Al-Dakhil, Nouf Al-Rakan, Inas Al-Ashqar

Humanitarian and social work: Rima Al-Ruwaisan, Sumaya Al-Nasser

Artistic Creativity: Hanouf Mohammed, Reem Al Bayat, Maha Malloh

Sports: Adwaa Arifi, Maram Albatiri,, Asil Alhamad

Challenging Disability: Noor Al Huda Bint Adnan Al Karnous, Manal Mayad Al Jaid, Shaimaa Mafdi

In addition, four unique young Saudi women whose names have been featured in the “about her” lists were honored for remarkable achievements in 2018, and they are: :Maha al-Saadoun, Tala Abu al-Naja, Kadi al-Duwayhi, and Lujain Al-Obaid.

The Editor-in-Chief of Sayidaty and Arrajol Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthy thanked the Prince of Asharqiya in the word he gave at the event for his gracious patronage of the fourth Sayidaty Awards for Excellence and Creativity, and he also thanked his Undersecretary Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed for attending the ceremony.  Al-Harthy also expressed his joy  for holding this year’s event at Asharqiya, and said: it is only a decision that has been taken, to honor the people of Asharqiya and its creative women who are considered to be pioneers in the field of development and creativity; expressing  that creativity is a measure of the development of nations, the difference that is made for the development of society, and that a healthy society is a one that breathes with two lungs ; one of a woman and the other is a man’s “

Earlier in 2018, more than 100 Saudi women have applied for the awards, all were women that have worked hard, achieved major accomplishments, and left a visible print during the previous year. The committee which consists of 25 experts, have chosen 21 from them after many eliminations; 21 women who managed to achieve all terms and requirements of the awards, divided on seven fields including medicine, science, economy, Artistic Creativity, challenging disability, Humanitarian and social work, sports and education.

The basic requirement was notable achievement in 2018, in addition to being a role model for Saudi and Arab women, taking into consideration her humanitarian and social work, and impact on society.

The award has witnessed great interaction since its first launch in Riyadh in 2015 among the Saudi and Arab community, to be launched in the following year 2016 in Dubai to celebrate the Emirati women. While the third session was held in Jeddah in 2017, and this last event was in Asharqiya to celebrate Saudi women and their achievements.

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